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Poultry Technician

We are seeking a graduate with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Veterinary or Animal Science:


  • Reporting to the Operations Manager / Live Stock Manager

  • Liaise with veterinary contractors and genetic companies

  • Perform and oversee blood testing, water testing, tissue sampling and other diagnostic tests

  • Oversee vaccination programs including IM and live vaccinations.

  • Perform postmortems and disease recognition functions.

  • Training staff in various health and quality assurance areas.

  • Reviewing procedures to maximise animal health.

  • Special projects and research.

  • Attending poultry related workshops.

  • Reporting on activities and outcomes.

We can offer: 

  • Career progression opportunities.

  • You will join an industry leader with continuous growth.

  • Competitive salary package of $xx,xxx - $xx,xxx

  • Flexible hours in line with business requirements.

  • Training and self improvement courses.

Please contact us by email for further information

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