100% Pure Poultry Manure 
Cost-effective, enriched pure chicken manure

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Manure price available on application

Bulk discounts available for high volume sales  

  • Excellent source of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Calcium (Ca)

  • Trace minerals include: Potassium(K), Magnesium(Mg), Iron (Fe) and Zinc (Zn)

  • Manure is air-dried in the sheds

  • Supply of poultry manure available all year round from our 365 days per year operations

  • Site suitable for road trains and other long vehicles

  • Loading time approx. 30 minutes (single trailer) to 60 minutes (road train)

  • Own transport welcome – maximum height 4.50m

  • Minimum load 10 cubic meters

  • Poultry manure supplied free from fly activity


 Pricing based on per cubic meter (excluding freight)

 Volume discounts available

 Off-season discounts available


Spreading and Composting Information

Poultry Manure Analysis
Poultry Manure Spreading Rates and Information
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Cartage Contractors

K & S Freighters -  (08) 9725 4400



Chris Verran - 0481 396 747 
Phone: (08) 6246 4999
Email sales@aaaegg.com.au
Website: www.aaaegg.com.au




2524 Gingin Brook Road, Neergabby, 6503 (West Gingin),

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About 35 minutes drive north from Joondalup.
All visitors must report to the front office.




Poultry manure can now be spread between Gingin in the north to the Peel-Harvey Coastal Plain in the South.

Some conditions apply...click for details